Cambridge Area Café Postcard 2020 Calendar Ready for Ordering

In one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done, I teamed up with food writer and food anthropology professor Merry Corky White to create this set of 14 paintings of some of what we consider the finest cafés in the Cambridge area. There are others, of course, but only 14 would fit in the calendar. It will have a hanger in the spiral binding and be for sale on my website here, and in many of the cafés highlighted as well as local bookstores. It celebrates café culture, wonderful baristas and chefs, community gathering spaces, slowing down and enjoying excellent coffee… You can order these now, here

“Miranda Loud’s vivid watercolor portraits of these fine places get you smelling the coffee every month of the year, and when the month is over, you’ll have a beautiful postcard to write (in a café of course). Corky White’s descriptions will guide your choices: do you want a place for convivial sipping, a place for pleasant people-watching, or for contemplative privacy-in-public? They are all here for you, with coffees to match.”

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