Commissioning a Painting or a Book

I love doing commissioned work, and have made illustrated books as well as portraits of animals, houses and landscapes for clients.  Please contact me directly at 617.519.3380 or to discuss your project.  

 Recent samples of my pet portraits.

Recent samples of my pet portraits.

Gift Certificates: Give a gift voucher for a commissioned portrait for the holidays, birthday or anniversary. This is a wonderful gift because the recipient can choose their favorite photos for the basis of the portrait. You can purchase below a voucher for the size you'd like to give them.

Pet Portraits: 

If you are interested in ordering a custom pet portrait, all I need to get started is a few photos of your pet, preferably in natural light (outdoors, but not with strong shadows) and high resolution with the eyes in strong focus. Before starting a painting, I always like to know as much about your animal companion's personality and what you find most endearing.

Pricing and Sizes - all with free shipping in the U.S.:

6"x 8" watercolor - head and shoulders (of one pet)   $175

with option to add a white matte $185

9"x12" watercolor - head and shoulders (of one pet)   $300

with option to add a white matte  $325

12"x18" watercolor - full body option with 16x20 white matte  $400


Miranda’s study in lens and brush of my late parents’ farm has arrived! We are thrilled with this heirloom book and accompanying paintings.


Books: I currently make customized books that can combine photography with illustration and painting, as well as texts of your choice. The above gallery shows several of the illustrated letters which I made to fit the first letter of poems chosen by a client.